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ब्रह्म किम् अस्ति ? ,What is Brahman?

  • ब्रह्म किम् अस्ति ? ,What is Brahman?
Price : ₨500 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : April 6, 2024
Condition : Brand New
Original Price : 600
Location : anamnagar

This book is related to consciousness,how breath are related to this , how this is exceptional to medical science 🧬 that oxygen and carbon dioxide are essential for human body but this book talks about sustainance without taking oxygen and carbon dioxide intake in body ,a miracle in science, how this sanscrit letter अकारः (akāraḥ): is essential for absorbing this breath of human , and dissolution is possible only with presence of this This अकारः (akāraḥ):,how this akarah is related to basic five elements of breath , how this अकारः represent universal consciousness that is beyond perception of human being This study unfolds with a focus on the symbolic and philosophical cornerstones represented by the first Sanskrit letter अकार: and the primacy of अकार: as pervasiveness and consciousness in Sanskrit letters. We conclude from Nandikesakasika that अकारो ब्रह्मरुप: स्यान्निर्गुणस्सर्ववस्तुषु and from the Geeta as अक्षराणामकारोऽस्मि. Unveiling Maheshora Sutras अ,इ,उ,ण्, etc., we have concluded what the first letter in the Maheshora sutra ‘अ’ represents. This work discusses the interrelationship between Brahman and the five basic elements and the essential role of अकार: in linguistics and expression. This text highlights the significance of the knowledge of Brahman in various aspects of human life, including spiritual growth, liberation from vices, and understanding the interconnectedness of the elements

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